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Welcome to our Startup community where you can find co-founders, investors, mentors, and other valuable resources for your venture.

Our Mission is to foster a vibrant startup ecosystem, facilitate collaboration, and provide valuable support for startups to succeed.

We accept Chapter Directors/Co-directors and team members on rolling basis throughout the year. You can apply to start a new chapter or join an existing chapter.
4 Step Application Process
Step 1: Application Submission
Interested individuals complete and submit an application form with their basic information and relevant experience.

Step 2: Review and Selection
The chapter organizers or selection committee review applications, assessing qualifications and alignment with chapter goals.

Step 3: Acceptance and Orientation
Successful applicants receive acceptance notifications and may attend an orientation session to learn about chapter activities and expectations.

Step 4: Active Participation
Accepted members actively participate in chapter activities, attending meetings, organizing events, and contributing to the growth of the startup community.
  • Founders' mindset: It is crucial to have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by founders, along with empathy towards their journey.

  • Leadership skills: Strong leadership abilities are necessary to guide and motivate the chapter team, as well as organize and manage club activities effectively.

  • Networking abilities: A well-established network within the startup and entrepreneurship community is essential for connecting with founders, industry experts, and potential partners.

  • Communication skills: Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, are important for engaging with founders, organizing events, and representing the club professionally.

  • Organizational skills: Efficient planning and organizational capabilities are required to coordinate club meetings, workshops, speaker sessions, and other activities.

  • Time commitment: Running a Founders Club chapter requires a significant time commitment to ensure the smooth functioning of the club and meet the needs of its members.
Requirements for Founders Club Chapter
  • Peer-to-peer support: Founders Club provides a platform for founders to connect and support each other, sharing experiences, insights, and advice, fostering a sense of community.

  • Knowledge sharing and learning: Club meetings, workshops, and speaker sessions offer valuable opportunities for founders to learn from industry experts, gain insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, and acquire new skills.

  • Networking and collaboration: The club facilitates networking with fellow founders, potential investors, mentors, and service providers, leading to potential collaborations and partnerships.

  • Mentorship and guidance: Founders Club often offers mentorship programs where experienced entrepreneurs provide guidance, feedback, and support to aspiring founders, accelerating their growth and success.

  • Access to resources: Club membership provides access to a wide range of resources, including funding opportunities, legal and accounting services, and startup tools, empowering founders with the necessary support to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Visibility and recognition: Being part of a Founders Club chapter enhances the visibility and credibility of founders within the startup ecosystem, increasing their chances of attracting investment, partnerships, and media attention
Benefits of Founders Club Chapter
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