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We’re here to empower and uplift aspiring entrepreneurs in our Startup community. This is why we are building a startup ecosystem with founders, mentors and experts that share our belief in better and brighter future.

We believe in creating a vibrant and inclusive space where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Through our engaging events, mentorship programs, and a strong support network, we aim to inspire innovation, collaboration, and growth for startups. Our team consists of founders, advisors and industry experts so we know what it takes grow and scale a Startup.

That is why our motto is “Your network is Your Net worth”, because success can’t be reached alone.
We believe in the power of giving and supporting others before seeking personal gain. We contribute to the success of others and create a culture of networking and collaboration.

Our core values center around fostering genuine friendships rather than mere connections and prioritizing supporting each other within the community. We are dedicated to assisting others ahead of ourselves and are passionate about the factors that bolster our community and chapters worldwide. We firmly believe that investing in community-building is the driving force behind the ongoing success of our community members. Each member of our team embodies these values wholeheartedly, consistently striving for personal and collective growth. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our aspiration to lead by example. As Founders Club, we take immense pride in understanding that our global presence in every startup community directly impacts it and drives positive change.
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Our Community of Founders and Investors is reaching across 4 continents
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